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Welcome to Deb’s Celebration and Event Center, a place that began with a simple yet profound
idea at the Marlan Gary Funeral Home. Recognizing the importance of providing families with a
space to continue celebrating the lives of their loved ones after funerals, we embarked on a
journey to meet this need.
As our vision expanded, we discovered that our versatile venue could serve as the ideal setting
for a wide range of celebrations. From church events and anniversaries to birthdays, baby and
bridal showers, bachelor parties, Pakeno and card parties, and holiday gatherings, we have
accommodated gatherings of all sizes, from intimate groups of 25 to grand affairs with 250
Our name, “Deb’s” is not just a name; it’s a heartfelt tribute to my mother, Deborah Gary, whose
legacy lives on through our events venue. “Deb’s” also represents “Doing Events Better”,
reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.
Our logo, featuring a lady with dreadlocks, pays homage to the rich history of this unique
hairstyle. A hairstyle worn by my mother. Dreadlocks have ancient origins, dating back to
ancient Egypt, and have cultural significance across various civilizations, from the Celts and
Germanic tribes to the Greeks and Vikings.  In the Holy Bible, Sampson’s
unsurpassed strength was lost when Delilah cut off his *seven* locks of
hair. Dreadlocks gained global attention through the iconic Bob Marley, who not only sported
them but also promoted the anti-establishment philosophy of Rastafarian culture. Today,
dreadlocks can signify religious beliefs, ethnic pride, political statements, or personal fashion
choices. Dreadlocks, beyond being a symbol of style, also have cultural and spiritual
significance. In various traditions, they are believed to help retain energy within the body,
promoting strength and vitality. This symbolic aspect of dreadlocks is reflected in our logo,
where the array of vibrant colors represent my mother’s colorful and full life and her expressive
nature; in her dance, her conversation and mostly in her writings as a free lance journalist.
At Debs.Event, we celebrate diversity and cherish the individuality of every event and person.
Join us in creating unforgettable moments and commemorating life’s milestones in a space
inspired by heritage and dedicated to excellence.
Our venue is equipped with a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and a preparation area for food
and beverage storage, ensuring your event is a seamless experience. Plus, ample parking makes it
convenient for your guests.
Deb’s Celebration and Event is expertly managed by John Cunningham, a dedicated team
member committed to creating memorable experiences for every event. We invite you to explore
our venue, where tradition, culture, and celebration come together in harmony.

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